What you need to know about Mercedes DSB

The Mercedes-Benz Digital Service Booklet provides an online record of a vehicle’s service history. The records can be accessed securely by the owner of the vehicle. Mechanics can also have access to the records with permission, providing them with full vehicle history.


What is the purpose of Mercedes DSB?

Mercedes DSB

The digital report helps ensure all your documentation for your Mercedes–Benz vehicle service history is all in one place, safely and securely. The documents can be accessed by approved and independent garages. Creating an online system for all your documentation, making it easy to view your Mercedes DSB without having to store physical copies that may get lost or damaged.

The Mercedes DSB is very useful for mechanics wanting to know the full-service history of the car, by looking at the DSB (Digital Service Booklet) there able to know exactly what work has been carried out by looking through your Mercedes DSB records. Independent repairers can record service events on Mercedes-Benz and smart vehicles to the system to ensure the customer’s service record is complete.


Mercedes Digital Service Booklet (DSB) Key benefits you need to know:

  • Provides an online record of all your vehicles’ service history
  • The records can be accessed for reference
  • The records are stored in an online database
  • There is no risk of the records being lost or damaged


Common FAQs we get asked about Mercedes DSB (Digital Service Booklet):

Q) How can I access my Mercedes-Benz Digital Service Booklet?

To access your Digital Service Booklet you will need to complete an online form by following the link here.


Q) How do I get my customer number to gain access to my Mercedes DSB booklet?

According to Mercedes-Benz UK, you do not need a unique customer number to acquire your DSB. When you have marked that you are in the UK, the field on the form no longer becomes mandatory. Letting you progress with the registration of the form.

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