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ABS Brakes are now widespread, and more and more of Ashford’s drivers are coming to us seeking maintenance & care for their brakes. We offer a specialist service led by our Bosch credentials & the latest training, meaning your car’s ABS will get expert care from the moment it arrives to the moment it’s collected.  We use cutting edge Bosch equipment and advanced diagnostic testing to check and test your car’s electronic braking system, and can reliably gain a precise, scientific picture of your car’s health- meaning no unnecessary work is carried out.

ABS Brakes combine advanced computer & sensors with a hydraulic system that prevents skidding during sudden braking. Often the sensors can become dirty and unable to function- causing issues with the brakes’ effectiveness. Your brakes are the most important part of your car’s safety, so if you suspect there might be a problem with your brakes, make sure to see a mechanic as soon as possible. Our team can provide expert professional car care based on over 30 years’ experience and our impressive array of cutting-edge diagnostic and repair equipment from Bosch.

The ABS warning light will illuminate if your car detects a problem with your brakes. This is something you need to check immediately, as a problem with the brakes could jeopardize yourself, your passengers and other road users. You should be able to safely proceed to a garage without ABS brakes as your car will retain unassisted braking, however you may notice a significant decline in braking power if you’re not used to driving cars with ABS Brakes. Repair can be as simple as cleaning the sensors or refilling hydraulic fluid, although our workshop has some of the very latest diagnostic kit to ensure any underlying problems are detected and resolved quickly.


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