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Boxer Motor Works provides top quality body work repair facilities for all makes and models, however we specialise in German cars such as VWAudi  Mercedes and BMW.

For expert car repair Surrey based car repair experts Boxer Motor Works using the latest Bosch equipment combined with with over 30 years’ experience.

Why Boxer Motor Works?

We’ve been serving the drivers of Ashford, Hounslow & Twickenham for over 32 years, and we have no plans to stop providing the same great service any time soon! So if you’ve had an accident, a breakdown, or just a scratch, you can trust us to repair your car quickly and to the high Bosch standard. We’re regularly audited by Bosch to ensure we continue to offer the very best car care expertise and customer service. This means you receive the best possible car care- affordable, professional and efficient. With our Bosch affiliation we have access to top-tier car repair knowledge, equipment, and cheaper options for obtaining the original car parts Bosch use in manufacturing many makes of car- so you could easily save a fortune on your car repair. Surrey drivers have trusted us to deliver this high standard of car care for three decades, however, and that means we’re also passionately local- you’ll get a friendly welcome and honest service every time you visit.

 General car repairs: Surrey, Hounslow and Twickenham drivers have trusted us for over 30 years: Boxer Motor Works deliver high standards of car care without dealer prices: we give you the highest standard of workmanship for less.

We’d also like to remind all our customers that they can come to us for all insurance accident damage repairs, rather than going to a repair shop specified by the insurance company: remember, it’s your car, it’s you who pays the premium and it’s your choice who repairs it. 

More information:

  • Estimates F.O.C
  • All work warranted
  • Loan car
  • Approved by all major insurance companies
  • Carry out repairs for all the major insurance companies
  • Small minor defects to major accident repair

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